Enviro Mist Products

Our Essential Oil cleaning products have antibacterial properties and are an effective degreaser so you get all the germ killing, nasty smell destroying benefits without the toxic chemicals!

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the flowers, stems, seeds, roots and bark of plants.

They are not oily to touch, as their name suggests, but rather a pure liquid extracted from the plant. The oils are distilled by using either cold-pressing the raw plant material water or steam and are highly concentrated.


Odour Control and Sanitising Spray, made from 100% organically-sourced ingredients, including a blend of essential oils.

Spray and Wipe Cleaner

An everyday cleaner that’s perfect for keeping your kitchen and bathroom surfaces looking and smelling fresh.


Super strength surface spray for hard-to-shift grease and grime.

Carpet, Upholstery and Prewash Cleaner

A three-in-one stain-busting phenomenon, this versatile formula gently removes greasy marks and grime from fabric surfaces without soaking or scrubbing.

Glass Cleaner and Polisher

A gentle glass cleaner that’s been specially formulated for a streak-free shine.

Pollen and Dust Control Spray

A powerful spray that attracts and traps airborne allergens including pollen, dust and dander which can trigger respiratory problems in allergy sufferers.

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